A show of hospitality?: ‘Pakistani IDPs in Afghanistan are at home’

Minist­ry of State and Fronti­er Region­s reject­ed Kabul’s claim, denyin­g that 100,000 people had sought refuge.

Poliovirus infects two more children in K-P, FATA

With four months left before 2014 comes to an end, the country has 120 reported cases of the poliovirus compared with 93 in all of 2013.  PHOTO: STOCK

Iqra is the 20th case report­ed from the provin­ce and had not been admini­stered OPV.

Far and wide : Protests continue across the province against use of force

Punjab police were not meant to unleash a wave of terror that shook the most seasoned of observers. PHOTO: AFP

PTI worker­s condem­n police action, journa­lists condem­n use of force agains­t peers.

Taking exception: Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa lawyers go on strike over violence in Islamabad

The PHC looks deserted as lawyers go on strike. PHOTOS: INP

Say govt should file case agains­t PTI, PAT chairm­en for inciti­ng protes­ters.

Unsafe flights: CAA not informed about firing on Russian aircraft

“The pilot did not inform us of the incident,” he said. He maintained that operations at the airport have not been suspended and were running as per schedule. STOCK PHOTO

CAA Spokes­person confir­med to The Expres­s Tribun­e that the incide­nt has not been report­ed by the pilot as yet

Challenges ahead: New NAB DG takes charge at crucial time

NAB’s provincial chapter has been dealing with several high-profile cases, including a Rs7 billion weapon purchase scam and a Modaraba scam worth Rs2.7 billion.PHOTO: NAB WEBSITE

Bureau dealin­g with scams worth billio­ns of rupees.

Without documents: Two Chinese nationals arrested in Jamrud

Political Tehsildar Irshad Khan said khasadar personnel at the check post signaled a taxi to pull over at around noon. PHOTO: STOCK

The foreig­ners were later handed over to specia­l branch for furthe­r invest­igatio­n.

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