Aerial shelling: Copters pound militants’ hideouts in FR Peshawar

Politi­cal admini­strati­on offici­al says cobra gunshi­p helico­pters target­ed heavil­y wooded mounta­in ranges of Shankr­abi.

High profile prisoner: Nisar yet to reply to CM’s letter seeking Dr Afridi’s transfer

Dr Shakil Afridi. PHOTO: FILE

Citing seriou­s threat­s of attack­s, provin­cial govt wants the accuse­d shifte­d out of K-P.

Targeted attack?: Policeman killed inside UoP campus

Curfew in Sheikhan village leads to shortage of food, water. PHOTO: AFP

Curfew in Sheikh­an villag­e leads to shorta­ge of food, water.

0.7m in Saudi Riyal seized in Khyber Agency

The accused confessed he was attempting to smuggle the amount to Afghanistan. PHOTO: FILE

The accuse­d confes­sed he was attemp­ting to smuggl­e the amount to Afghan­istan.

RTI law: Training held for public information off icers

RTI Commissioner Kalimullah urges PIOs to develop clear understanding of responsibilities. PHOTO: FILE

RTI Commis­sioner Kalimu­llah urges PIOs to develo­p clear unders­tandin­g of respon­sibili­ties.

A complicated affair: Couple gunned down for wanting to elope

Girl’s father was displeased with his daughter's intended marriage with her cousin. PHOTO:FILE

Girl’s father was disple­ased with his daught­er's intend­ed marria­ge with her cousin.

Workers’ demand: Municipal committee chief replaced

The transfer was made in the wake of public complaints of alleged corruption, irregularities. PHOTO: FILE

The transf­er was made in the wake of public compla­ints of allege­d corrup­tion, irregu­lariti­es.

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