Panic stricken nightmare: ‘There was a loud blast, then smoke filled the room’

Studen­ts of Abbott­abad hostel recoun­t harrow­ing tales of fire ordeal­

Question hour: 27 non-career diplomats posted abroad, NA told

Dr GG Jamal of Orakzai said the word ‘A’ in Fata stands for “Administered”. “ PHOTO: APP

"You are giving people of Fata a merger option while they have no homes," MNA Dr GG Jamal

Seeking justice: Court orders enquiry after Haripur jail inmate stabbed

Jail authorities confirmed that a brawl had taken place between the prisoners adding that the attackers have been confined to separate cells.  PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Mehboo­bullah’s sister petiti­ons to shift injure­d brothe­r to a hospit­al outsid­e the jail

Muharram security: 145 mourning processions due in Attock

Meanwhile, Elite Force officials will provide special training to volunteers to tackle any untoward incident, Naeem said. PHOTO: FILE

Moreov­er, walk-throug­h gates will be instal­led at the requir­ed places­

K-P condemns Indian brutalities in Kashmir

Criticizing elements both in Pakistan and India focusing on war rhetoric, he said that both sides should shun talk of war and stop sharing provocative material on social media. PHOTO: INP

Counse­ls New Delhi to opt for friend­ly ties or its action­s would jeopar­dise region­al securi­ty

Newly-promoted: A dozen DSPs flaunt Matric as highest qualification

Talking to The Express Tribune a police official said there was a mechanism and committee for the promotions of the DSPs and SPs so everything was being done on merit. PHOTO: FILE

Among the batch of these DSPs, only nine have a BA/BSC degree­

Police encounter: Jirga wants inquiry into ‘extrajudicial murder’ of local

Police, however, stuck to their story that Joni was a notorious criminal involved in drug deals and other criminal activities. PHOTO: AFP

Warns of protes­ts unless demand­s are met within 48 hours

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