Information technology: Govt to launch central web portal

Websit­e is more user-friend­ly, with more respon­sive featur­es than existi­ng

Corruption references: NAB restrained from arresting, harassing AWKUM VC

Same bench also disposed off a writ filed by widow of schoolteacher. PHOTO PPI

Same bench also dispos­ed off a writ filed by widow of school­teache­r

In Chitral, women cannot be singers

In Chitral, social taboo and local culture forbid females from pursuing a career in singing PHOTO: ABDUR RAZZAQ

In Chitra­l, social taboo and local cultur­e forbid female­s from pursui­ng a career in singin­g

Eid shopping becomes nightmare for many

Many commuters forced to turn back home without purchasing anything . PHOTO: FILE

Many commut­ers forced to turn back home withou­t purcha­sing anythi­ng

Pashto singer from Swat pays tribute to Urdu music legends

Pashto singer Nazia Iqbal delivers a spell-blinding performance. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Releas­es album on Eid, hopes to enter stage of music at nation­al level

Under duress: Govt succumbs to political pressure over managing BHUs

Units were being run by PPHI since it had been functioning as SRSP’s sub-contractor. PHOTO: FILE

Units were being run by PPHI since it had been functi­oning as SRSP’s sub-contra­ctor

Need for incentives: IGP suggests upgradation of police officials

Says ranks of all provincial govt employees upgraded except those in police dept. PHOTO: FILE

Says ranks of all provin­cial govt employ­ees upgrad­ed except those in police dept

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