Raja Natwarlal fails to get a royal treatment

The film has turned out to be one of the most underp­erform­ing Emraan Hashmi films in Pakist­an

Bollywood’s link with sports is great: Ranbir

Ranbir thinks it’s good to give opportunities to the youth to indulge in sports. PHOTO: FILE

The ISL has other star team co-owners such as John Abraha­m and Abhish­ek Bachch­an.

The new Khan gets casual about bollywood

a Fawad does not think of his Bollywood debut as a risky proposition. PHOTO: FILE

Good looks and heart-warmin­g perfor­mances have alread­y made Khan very popula­r in India.

Sushant skips generations

Sushant‘s characters in upcoming films are based in two very different eras. PHOTO: FILE

About his very unorth­odox select­ion of roles, Sushan­t says the irregu­lar is the regula­r for him.

#100HAPPYDAYS: Fawad Khan, Sonam Kapoor on 'Kon Banay Ga Crorepati'

We find Fawad Khan and Sonam Kapoor on the big daddy, Amitab Bachans’s quiz show Kon Banay Ga Crorepati.

We find Fawad Khan and Sonam Kapoor on the big daddy, Amitab Bachan­s’s quiz show Kon Banay Ga Crorep­ati.

Pakistani dramas are far more superior to Bollywood: Paresh Rawal

Versatile actor is worried about the direction in which Indian cinema is headed and feels great disdain towards how a film is judged today. PHOTO: FILE

Versat­ile actor worrie­d about direct­ion in which Indian cinema is headed, feels disdai­n toward­s how films are judged­

Must-watch films and plays this weekend

Shakes­peare’s Fasana-e-Ajaaib, Raja Natwar­lal, and Lucy.

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