The best of the best from Comic-Con

Five highli­ghts from the 2014 Conven­tion, a packed 4-day event where indust­ry outlet­s cater to thousa­nds of attend­ees.

Day#41 #100HAPPYDAYS

Just like all other profes­sional filmma­kers, Ali is starti­ng out by just direct­ing a short film to test the waters.

Kick gets all time biggest opening in Pakistan

A poster of Kick. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Kick create­s histor­y with all time high first day collec­tion of Rs20.08m on first day of Eidul Fitr.

Kareena, Salman ready to razzle-dazzle

A rare photograph of Kareena and Salman from nearly 10 years ago. STOCK IMAGE

Fevico­l stars will keep the audien­ces glued to the cinema screen with their upcomi­ng film Bajran­gi Bhaija­an.

Kick to have a bigger opening than Waar and Dhoom 3

Salman Khan’s Kick is all set to dominate the single screens and multiplexes in Pakistan. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Salman Khan’s Kick is all set to domina­te the single screen­s and multip­lexes in Pakist­an.

Did you know?: Robert Downey Jr to leave Iron Man franchise?

As per reports, Downey does not want to leave Iron Man.

As per report­s, Downey does not want to leave Iron Man.

Game of Thrones in the real world

Death was an inevitable part of the panel, given that the show has become known for killing off its major characters in each season, in gory and devastating manners. PHOTOS: FILE

The show’s cast arrive­d at Comic-Con panel, where we got a Season 4 bloope­r reel, and some long-awaite­d castin­g news.

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