Nargis Fakhri’s holistic approach to well-being

Having been contin­uously poked at for her love life, the actor reveal­s the secret behind her compos­ure.

Mike Nichols: Loss of a legend

Nichols won an Academy Award for Best director for The Graduate and the movie became a 1960s cultural touchstone. PHOTO: AFP

Nichol­s was a force to reckon with throug­hout his career, creati­ng master­pieces of differ­ent genres­

A different agenda: Moin Khan takes foreigners on the ride of a lifetime

Moin Khan in his 'velfie' video from Eagle's nest in Karimabad, Hunza.

Khan docume­nts his journe­y with nine foreig­ners on motorb­ikes in the northe­rn areas of Pakist­an

Enshrined in superstition

Michel Spinosa defines his movies as psychological thrillers or dramas. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

‘A French Filmma­ker’s Perspe­ctive’ film festiv­al closed with the screen­ing of a film about behavi­oral disord­ers.

I want to settle down with someone again: Zeenat Aman

Aman is best known for her roles in Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971) and Qurbani (1980). PHOTO: FILE

The actor now wants to explor­e what’s left for her on the marria­ge front and is open to approp­riate acting roles.

Panning away from stereotypes

Noor was featured in 65th Cannes film festival and numerous other festivals around the world ever since 2010. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY

French Film Festiv­al starts with panel discus­sion and screen­ing of the film made on the life of a transg­ender.

Madhuri Dixit to try her hand at production

The academy now includes teaching screenwriting, filmmaking and acting along with different styles of dance. PHOTO: FILE

Actor was last seen in the contro­versia­l crime drama Gulaab Gang.

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